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The Jack LaLanne juicer Reviews

The late Jack LaLanne was an accomplished exercise, fitness, and nutrition expert that has been called the “godfather of fitness.” LaLanne was one of the gurus of weight lifting and once beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in an impromptu challenge when he was 54 and the future governor was 21. After moving on from the weightlifting industry, LaLanne ventured into other businesses, including juicers.

The Jack LaLanne juicer products have been known as some of the best available on the market. The Jack LaLanne PJP Power Juicer Pro is a stainless steel appliance that can be a perfect fit for newer modern kitchens. It features an extra-large chute that is capable of shredding the biggest fruits with its stainless steel blade. It comes equipped with a 3600 RPM motor with patented extraction technology ensuring you get the most juice from your fruit. The motor is ultra-quiet, making sure you won’t need to raise the volume of the radio during your morning activities. It has a large capacity pulp collector that won’t need to be cleaned as often when large portions of juice are being made. It has a non-drip spout that takes away the risk of losing high-quality juice. Best of all, all the parts are dishwasher safe, making the cleanup process easier than ever.

Among the many top features of this Jack LaLanne power juicer is its quiet operation mode and the ease in which you can clean it. Many “top” juicers sound as though you are operating a chainsaw, but with this juicer, it is the same quiet sound whether you are juicing an orange or a pineapple. Other juicers also don’t make their parts easy to remove and easy to clean. With some juicers it’s like you are trying to put an entire puzzle back together again. That simply isn’t the case with this Jack LaLanne s power juice. The typical Jack LaLanne juicer review will say that its sleek design makes it perfect for any kitchen. In a time when everyone has to one-up the other, even friends, this juicer will stand out on your kitchen counter.

A lot of Jack LaLanne juicer reviews will state that the machines get bogged down and jams too quickly. While this could happen if you mistreat your machine and slam everything into it, a properly maintained unit should last and produce high-quality product for years. The machine even comes with a limited lifetime motor warranty in case you do ever find any problems with it. Other common problems with the juicer has been the juice leaking out when making two quarts of juice and the brush included with the juicer doesn’t do a good enough job cleaning. If the instructions were read prior to use, anyone trying to make two quarts of juice at one time would know that the machine is meant for a maximum of a quart before having to clean it. The mesh filter can get clogged and that is why the juice leaks out. The brush that comes with this juicer is one of the best tools to clean the device. If you are trying to clean off the filter without taking the machine apart and throwing the pieces in the dishwasher, the brush should clean it out enough to keep on juicing.

Overall, the Jack LaLanne juicer reviews are mixed. Some people claim that the machine isn’t as easy to clean as advertised and others say that the machine gets bogged down too quickly and leaks out the sides. Just like most household appliances, this device needs to be used properly and with the right care. Slamming your fruits into the juicer like you see on television may be cool, but it will only hurt your machine. This Jack LaLanne power juicer is comparable if not better than a lot of other brands on the market today including Breville and Sunkist.

The New Screen of Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has an all-new screen, and we’ll state it now: the Samsung Galaxy S4 has the best display you can find on a smartphone.

It’s the same Super AMOLED technology used in other Galaxy smartphones, but this time it’s been cranked up to Full HD resolution, which is 1920 x 1080 pixels, if you’re asking.

This uses the same PenTile matrix that’s drawn so much criticism for Samsung over the years, as some state that Samsung is using too many of one colour of pixel, or sub-pixel (the colours within each pixel) is too basic – all of this has meant that older Galaxy smartphones have had something of a blue or green tint, or been a little low-resolution when viewed (admittedly really) close up.

Samsung Galaxy S4 reviewThe Samsung Galaxy S

Well, and you’ll forgive us for saying the same thing that we did last year with the Galaxy S3, close up now there’s no way you can see any jagged edges or elements within the icons. It’s simply superb, and makes everything from web pages to video look brilliant.

Samsung Galaxy S4 reviewThe Samsung Galaxy S2

And there’s no worry about the tints of old, nor the criticisms levied at Samsung for making over-saturated screens, as often people have claimed that the colours look too strong on these devices thanks to the OLED technology used.

It is a feature of the technology, and not just because of the high contrast ratios on offer, but with the Galaxy S4 Samsung has added in a mode to make the colours look more natural, should the user so with to have it that way.

Samsung Galaxy S4 reviewThe Samsung Galaxy S3

This method does drop the brightness somewhat, and that’s already lower than you might find on the HTC One but that extra brightness isn’t needed thanks to the contrast ratio we mentioned earlier. One of the strengths of OLED technology is that when a pixel is displaying a black image, it’s completely off, and therefore draws less power and looks darker. Compared to LCD screens, which have a backlight to light the colours in front, this means that the blacks will never be as black as found on an OLED.

So, as we said, there’s nothing to want for with the Super AMOLED Full HD screen found on the Samsung Galaxy S4. It might not be as high resolution as the HTC One, simply because it’s larger with the same amount of pixels, but viewed up close you’ll struggle to find a flaw with it.

Samsung Galaxy S4 reviewThe Samsung Galaxy S4

You can change the brightness from the notification bar by sliding your finger up and down the screen - but if you want to make things easier you can just tag the Auto button and have the Galaxy S4 working away at deciding the optimum brightness for you.

What’s new here is the ability to customise the auto level - so if you like things a little lighter or darker, then you can choose such a thing. It’s a good way to manage your battery even easier.

Another feature, which is both good and bad, is the improved capacitive technology used in the screen. This is designed to ape a feature brought by Nokia on the Lumia 920, which enables you to wear gloves and still use the phone - which will be a key feature to those in colder climes, or like to wear gloves for sport or similar.

However, while this works well for gloves, it does over-power the screen somewhat, in that when you’re holding your finger over the screen looking to scroll up and down when you’re read a certain paragraph, it will sometimes register a press when you’ve no intention of doing so. It’s irritating to say the least, and something that we hope Samsung irons out with future software updates.

Aside from that, there’s not a thing that we can criticise the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen for in any way, as it’s as close to perfect as you can get on a smartphone - making it a great device for so many more functions as a result.

Top Online Coupon Websites

One of the biggest growth areas in the distribution of coupons in the past decade is the availability of online printable coupons. Manufacturers and stores are shifting their best coupons to the Internet as subscriptions to newspapers decline.

The following article will show you where to find trusted resources for online printable coupons, printable supermarket and drugstore coupons, plus review the growth of social websites like Facebook in relation to finding valuable coupons. You will also find ways to keep the cost of printing coupons down and ideas for keeping your email box free from clutter and spam.

Top Sites For Printable Coupons

  • Coupon Network
  • RedPlum

General Information

The four top websites listed for having printable coupons have a lot of common features. First we will review these features then take a look the benefits of each website.

  • Printing Software

    Visitors wanting to print coupons from the websites will be required to use the websites software printing programs. The software is designed to help control the number of coupons that are printed.

    Instructions for downloading the software programs can be found on each website. It is a simple process and well explained. You will only need to download the programs the first time that you print coupons from each site. After the initial download, the coupons that you select will automatically print during future visits.

    Printing coupons can be expensive. The article, 10 Ways to Cut the Cost of Printing Coupons offers helpful tips that will keep the cost of printing coupons down.

  • The Early Bird Gets the Worm

    Coupons posted on the websites are available until they reach a predetermined printing limit or the removal date. This allows manufacturers to control the cost of the promotions.

    Printing limits are sometimes exhausted on good coupons on the first day that they are posted. We recommend visiting the websites regularly so that you don’t miss out on a great coupon. Also, batches of new coupons are uploaded at the first of each month. You will want to make it a point to check in often during the first three days of each month so that you get the best coupons.

    You can also sign up to receive RSS feeds from the websites which will alert you either through email or through a RSS feeder of the new coupons that have been posted. is the most popular among the four websites because it has the most coupons. It has also been around for a long time and they are constantly adding new features and improvements to the website. Couponers can expect 100 or more printable coupons to browse.

One of the newest online coupon printing websites is, powered by Catalina Marketing. The Coupon Network is unique to other printable online coupon sites because it offers manufacturer coupons and YourBucks Catalina rewards. YourBucks are popular with couponers because they can be used on products for which coupons aren’t typically available — like produce and meat.

The Coupon Network has a good selection of high-value coupons compared to the other online printing coupon sites. It has quickly grown into one of the top contenders in the arena of websites offering printable coupons. is owned and operated by News America Marketing, the same company that distributes the iSaving coupon inserts found in the Sunday newspaper.

The site offers a good selection of printable coupons and also a tool that displays the grocery flyer deals and specials in your area. You can also create a shopping list that you can print and take to the store.

You will find some of the same coupons online that are listed in the Sunday coupon inserts, however does offer additional coupons that are not included in the inserts.

The site is easy to navigate and unlike you can search for coupons by category of by specific brand names. is the online version of the RedPlum Coupon Book that you find in your newspaper or through direct-mail.

The online printable coupons are often the same coupons that are in the RedPlum Coupon Book.

The value of the coupons are the same as and SmartSource, however the printing limits may be lower because the coupons get pulled faster than any of the other websites.

You will want to check for new coupons on Sunday mornings in order to get the best selection.

They also offer a helpful service called Clip-free that uploads coupons to the loyalty cards of select retailers.

Finding Printable Coupons On Manufacturer Websites

Several manufacturers now offer coupons on their company websites or have created consumer-friendly websites that feature articles, product information, buyer’s clubs, printable coupons and other promotional information.

You can find links to the websites by doing Internet searches of the company name or checking product packaging for a website address.

Finding Printable Coupons On Store Websites

Many stores now have printable store coupons available online. Stores routinely email coupons and other promotional information when you register on their websites. The coupons are often exclusive to registered members only and are higher in value than the other store coupons.

To help you locate supermarket websites, visit the National Grocery Store Website page which has links to the websites of many of the grocery stores nationwide.

Finding Coupons on Social Media Sites

There is a growing trend for companies to offer coupons and free product samples through social media sites like Facebook.

To get access to most Facebook coupons you will need to “Like” the Facebook page that has the coupon that you want to print.

You may also be asked to permit an “app” to load in order to print many of the Facebook coupons.

Once you print the coupons that you want you can always go into your privacy settings and delete the app. You can also “Unlike” any Facebook page from your list.

Visit the Facebook Grocery Coupon page to see a roundup of recently posted Facebook coupons.

Protecting Your Personal Email Account

When you begin turning to the Internet for coupons you will register your email at a lot of websites. Doing this increases your chances of getting spam. What many couponers do to avoid this problem is set up a new email account that is separate from their personal accounts. The article Avoid Junk Email When Applying for Special Offers Online has tips and solutions that can help you keep your personal email account uncluttered and free of spam.

Coupons Coupon Sites Coupon Codes

Kindle Fire HD Review: All Need to Know Before Buying

kindle fire hd 8.9

I have had my Kindle Fire for almost a year now, and it has been both extremely fun and surprisingly convenient. With the new Kindle Fire HD out it seems they’ve kept everything I have loved and added some new features to boot — all while keeping it at $199. There are of course minor downsides, but you would expect them to be much more prominent for such a low price. In all the Kindle Fire HD is a perfect gift, especially for an avid reader, student, or really just anybody.  

I am a student and a city-dweller. What this means is that since getting the Kindle I have never had to pay for an actual book at a bookstore and I have also never been sitting bored and idle on the subway. All of my school books I have been able to find a Kindle or e-book version of for a fraction of the price of getting it used from the bookstore. Even better, for older classics that I am often required to read for classes I have been able to find free PDFs of floating around the good ol’ internets. In just my first semester of having the Kindle Fire it had more than paid for itself just because of school books.

In the morning when I rush off for the train I now only need to grab one thing to have everything with me. Everything as in comics, magazines, games, and videos. Running out of space isn’t much of a problem because you get unlimited Amazon Cloud storage space when you get a Fire, so when you do need to switch things you just need a Wi-Fi spot. So now on the train or bus you’ve essentially got your whole entertainment life at your fingertips.

After a year of owning my Kindle Fire, my screen is literally scratch-less, and I have never had an issue with the OS causing me to hard reboot or restore it to the factory defaults. The Amazon App store is not nearly as robust as the Google Play store, but a simple Google search will give you instructions as to how to use the Google Play store on your Kindle Fire. The actual performance of apps and games on the Fire is splendid though if you have a lot of apps open at once you could notice some lagging. As for the quality of videos it really mostly depends on the quality of the actual video that you are playing as opposed to the display quality of the Kindle itself.

The new Kindle Fire HD has all of this and more. The volume buttons are now actual physical things as opposed to hidden away in a setting menu. There is a Kids mode called “FreeTime” that enables parents to set parental controls on the Kindle for when there children use it, a front-facing HD camera, improved screen with anti-glare, dual antenna Wi-Fi, improved processor, and graphics core. What does all of this mean? That what felt like a steal for $199 just got better but the price stayed the same.

Of course, it can’t all be good news. So as to make some sort of profit on the Kindle Fire HD, Amazon has put advertisements on the lock screen. You can pay an extra fifteen dollars (any time after you purchase it) to have these ads removed. Of course, I am sure many people won’t pay the extra to remove them because, let’s be honest, how often are we staring at the lock screen? But needless to say the addition of advertisements to the lock screen is far from a bonus.

So I would highly recommend getting a Kindle Fire (HD or otherwise) for that special someone, especially if they are a student. Heck, I do recommend it whenever inquiring eyes as “What is that anyway?” After a year of using my Kindle Fire I have encountered no problems and I don’t have any reason anyone would with the Kindle Fire HD either. Convenience and fun is a good combination and the Kindle Fire has it.

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